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Speech Acquisition Lab          participate in a study for cash or course credit

Researchers in the Speech Acquisition Lab explore questions about how the sound system of a second language is learned by adult learners, such as: Why do adult second language learners typically have accents? Why are some new sounds harder for adults to learn than others? What sources of information do second language learners draw on when learning a new sound system?


we are please to host pronunciation in second language learning and teaching (PSLLT) 2017 - september 1-2we will also host a research methods in l2 pronunciation workshop on august 31, 2017are you interested in graduate or undergraduate study in l2 phonology?learn about our ongoing projects

  • New publication by Taylor Anne Barriuso and Shannon Barrios
    Barriuso, T.A. and S. Barrios. 2017. The role of phonological distributional information on the acquisition of L2 allophones. In M. O’Brien & J. Levis (Eds). Proceedings of the 8th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference, ISSN 2380-9566, Calgary, AB, August 2016 (pp. 10-20). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

  • Joselyn is headed to China!
    Joselyn Rodriguez is a recipient of this years Critical Language Scholarship. The scholarship will support her while she studies Mandarin abroad through a intensive language program this summer.
    Way to go Joselyn!

  • The Speech Acquisition Lab at the Undergraduate Research Symposium 2017!!

  • Congratulations to Cate Showalter, who has passed her Dissertation Proposal Defense!!!

  • Pronunciation in Second Language Learning & Teaching (PSLLT) 9th Annual Conference
    Salt Lake City, UT Sept 1-2, 2017
    Abstracts due April 7
    Click here for more information

  • Lab Meeting - Lab updates & UUSCIL Practice Talks
    Wednesday, April 5th from 12-1:30pm in LNCO 2495

  • Lab Meeting - Welcome Allison & Study Updates
    Thursday, February 16th from 1-2:00pm in LNCO 2495

  • Lab Meeting - Welcome Joselyn & Study Updates
    Friday Nov 4th from 12:00-1:00pm in LNCO 2495

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