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Speech Acquisition Lab          participate in a study for cash or course credit

Researchers in the Speech Acquisition Lab explore questions about how the sound system of a second language is learned by adult learners, such as: Why do adult second language learners typically have accents? Why are some new sounds harder for adults to learn than others? What sources of information do second language learners draw on when learning a new sound system?

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Are you interested in undergraduate or graduate study in L2 phonology? Click here to learn more.

We are pleased to host the conference on Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching 2017!


  • Welcome, Lauren Brocious! Lauren is a Linguistics major joining the lab this Fall!

  • Taylor Anne Barriuso receives award for excellent student paper presentation

    Congratulations to Taylor Anne Barriuso who received one of ten student awards for her paper presentation at this years Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT2016) conference in Calgary! Her co-authored talk was titled “The role of phonological distributional information in the acquisition of a novel allophonic alternation”.

    Congratulations Taylor Anne!

  • The Speech Acquisition Lab will be at PSLLT - August 12-13, 2016!

    • Barrios & Hayes-Harb: L2 learning of phonological alternations with and without orthographic input
    • Barriuso & Barrios: The role of distributional information in the acquisition of a novel allophonic alternation
    • Showalter: Inhibition with incongruent grapheme-phoneme correspondences in English speakers learning Russian
    • Hayes-Harb & Showalter: Linguistically guided adaptation to accented speech: The roles of lexical frequency and word familiarity

  • New Article by Shannon Barrios
    Shannon Barrios and her UMD collaborators, Anna Namyst, Ellen Lau, Naomi Feldman and Bill Idsardi, publish “Establishing new mappings between familiar phones: Neural and behavioral evidence for early automatic processing of nonnative contrasts” in a special issue of Frontiers in Psychology: Language Science titled “Phonology in the bilingual and bidialectal lexicon”.

  • Lab Meeting - Practice Talk for PSLLT 2016
    Thursday July 28th from 12:30-3pm in LNCO 2495

  • Lab members presenting at PSLLT 2016 in Calgary!
    Taylor Anne Barriuso, Cate Showalter, Shannon Barrios, and Rachel Hayes-Harb will present at PSLLT 2016!

  • Lab Meeting March 4 @2pm.
    Welcome Eve Olson!!

  • Lab Meeting Feb. 10
    We're having an organizational lab meeting on February 10, 11:30-12:30. See you there!

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