Join the Speech Acquisition Lab


Undergraduate and graduate students in Linguistics and other disciplines who are interested in research on second language acquisition and phonology are encouraged to contact us for information about the Speech Acquisition Lab and how they might get involved. 

Lab membership is available, by invitation, to individuals dedicated to pursuing the goals of the Lab, and who are willing to make at least a one-semester commitment to working in the Lab. Here are some types of Lab members:

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Researchers

Graduate or undergraduate students working as researchers (pursuing individual and/or collaborative research projects).

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

Most student members of the Lab begin their involvement as Student Research Assistants: graduate or undergraduate students working as research assistants:

  • earning independent study credit;
  • working in the lab on a volunteer basis; OR
  • qualified undergraduate students may apply for UROP funding after having completed at least one semester of Lab involvement.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please fill out the Speech Acquisition Lab Research Assistant Application by clicking the button below. We will review your application and, if you appear to be a good fit for the Lab, we will arrange for an interview with you.
Thank you again for your interest. We  consider ourselves lucky to have so many talented student Lab members, and we look forward to learning about you and what you might bring to our team.

Click here to apply to join the speech acquisition lab

Please e-mail Professor Hayes-Harb or Professor Barrios for more information.