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Speech Acquisition Lab People

Current Lab Members

Rachel Hayes-Harb (Lab Co-Director, Associate Professor of Linguistics)

Shannon Barrios (Lab Co-Director, Assistant Professor of Linguistics)

Cate Showalter (PhD Student, Linguistics)

Taylor Anne Barriuso  (PhD Student, Linguistics)

Eve Olson (BA Student, Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies)

Lauren Brocious (BA Student, Linguistics, Korean Studies & Asia Studies Minors)

Joselyn Rodriguez (BA Student, Linguistics, Korean Studies Minor)

Past Visiting Graduate Student Scholars

Colette Feehan (2014-2015, Post-bac Researcher, Department of Linguistics, University of Minnesota)

Katharina Schuhmann (Fall 2014, PhD candidate, Department of Linguistics, SUNY Stony Brook)

Yakov Kronrod (Spring 2014, PhD candidate, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland)

Vincent Poretta (Fall 2013, PhD candidate, Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta)

Hui-wen Cheng ( 2012-2013, Post-Doc, Department of Linguistics, University Utah)

Lab Alumni

Josh Jackson

2016 MA MA Thesis: The effects of novel orthographic input and phonetic instruction in second language phonological acquisition (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  

Kristie Durham

2015 MPhil    

Kelsey Williams-Brown

 2015  MA  

MA Thesis: The Influence of Explicit Instruction on Failure to Acquire a Phonological Rule Due to Orthographic Input: The Case of Native English Speakers Learning German (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)


Savanne Bohnet

2015 BA UROP Project: Content Effects in Native English-speaking Students' Adaptation to the Speech of ITAs (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  
Bill Roundy 2015      
Andrew Zupon 2015 MA    
Matthew Halverson 2014   UROP project: Investigating Bilingual advantage in discrimination of non-native voicing/aspiration contrasts in Thai stops (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  
Amanda Rabideau 2014 MA MA Thesis: Talker background and individual differences in the speech intelligibility benefit (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Attensity, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jenifer Burk 2014 BA    
Tess Nolan 2014 BA   MA Student, Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria
Yuka Muratani 2014 BA UROP project: Transparadigmatic anti-homophony (Supervisor: Abby Kaplan) MA Student, Department of Linguistics, University of North Carolina
Asmaa Shehata 2013 PhD Dissertation: When variability matters in second language word learning: The influence of talker variability on native English speakers’ recognition and lexical encoding of Arabic phoneme contrasts (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Instructor, Department of Linguistics, Languages & Cultures, University of Calgary
Brett Hashimoto 2013 BA   MA Student, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Brigham Young University
Jeffrey Green 2013 BA UROP project: The influence of L1 and L2 on perceptual VOT boundaries in initial-stage L3 (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) PhD Student, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland
Jessica Larsen 2013 BA UROP project: Native English speaker Perception of Arabic Emphatic Contrasts & the effects of Vowel Context (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) MA Student, Department of Linguistics, University of Utah
Robert Capps 2012 BA UROP project: Determining effective ESL instruction strategies for pre-literate adults (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  
Hui-wen Cheng 2012-2013 Post-Doc    
Albert Jarvi 2011 MA Thesis: Effect of lexical access and meaningful linguistic context on L2 speech perception (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Medical Student, University of Illinois
Jenia Ivanova 2011 MA Thesis: Phonological Aspects of Teacher Talk (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Instructor, English Language Institute, University of Utah
Mara Haslam 2011 PhD Dissertation: The effect of perceptual training including required lexical access and meaningful linguistic context on L2 phonology (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Lecturer, Department of English, University of Stockholm
Aleksandra Zaba 2008 PhD Dissertation: Relative frequency of patterns and learnability: The case of phonological harmony (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Research Analyst, Second Language Teaching and Research Center, University of Utah
Erin Hansen 2008 BA    
Jamie Johnson 2008 BA UROP project: Intelligibility of Bosnian-accented English speech (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  
Robert Sykes 2008 BA    
Heather Gross 2007     Read a book about Heather’s life
Jennifer Leparmentier 2007 MA Thesis: Novel feature processing by children and adults (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb)  
Jennifer Mallory 2007 BA    
Sarah Brooks 2007 BA    
Zac Rasmussen 2007 BA Honors thesis: The interlanguage speech intelligibility benefit: Arabic-accented English (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb); UROP project: Arabic Learning Distribution Study (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Real Estate Agent, Harlem Properties, NY
Maren Schierloh Uggen 2006-2007 MA   Visiting Assistant Professor, German Department, Kalamazoo College
Judith Poole 2006      
Kaitlin Bolewicz 2006 MA Thesis: The effects of lexical characteristics on L2 phonological acquisition (Supervisor: Hayes-Harb) Speech Language Pathologist, Idaho Falls School District, Idaho
Carl Gierisch 2005 BA    
Scott Denham 2005 BA  
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