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Speech Acquisition Lab          participate in a study for cash or course credit

Researchers in the Speech Acquisition Lab explore questions about how the sound system of a second language is learned by adult learners, such as: Why do adult second language learners typically have accents? Why are some new sounds harder for adults to learn than others? What sources of information do second language learners draw on when learning a new sound system?


are you interested in graduate or undergraduate study in l2 phonology?learn about our ongoing projects

  • Rachel Hayes-Harb, lab director and liguistics professor, and Julia Vonessen, researcher, talked about the questions they are asking in their linguistics research on instagram! Check it out here:

  • Congratulations to SAL members Julia Vonessen, Billy Finlay, & Tyler Laws who have been selected for participation in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) for the Spring 2019 semester!

  • Congratulations to Speech Acquisition Lab alum Taylor Anne Barriuso who has just accepted a position as undergraduate linguistics academic adviser at Iowa State University.

  • Congratulations to SAL alum Joselyn Rodriguez who will begin this spring semester as Lab Manager & Research Assistant in the Learning, Adaptation, and Perception Lab in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University under the mentorship of Dr. Dave Kleinschmidt!

  • February lab meeting Will you be my /vælənˌtaɪn/?
    Valentine's day! Thursday, February 14th at 4:00 PM, LNCO 2945

  • First lab meeting of the New Year!
    Friday, January 11th at 2:30 PM, Location LNCO 2945.

  • End of Semester Party!
    Monday, December 10th from 11:30am-1:30pm, Location LNCO 2945

  • November Lab Meeting!
    Thursday, November 29th from 3:30-5pm, Location LNCO 2945

    • Maison will show us how to use PsychoPy software

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